Web Analytics Case Study

The client is one of the fastest growing company in Europe’s tech cluster. Client wanted to develop a software to record the customers’ behavior on a website.


The goal was to study the end user activities and the decisions customer make before buying a product online.
Netision studied these requirements and formulated a complete roadmap detailing out the development considerations and methodology for building the custom software. The solution was successfully deployed to cloud computing platform. The client’s focus area has moved to this product and now it is the most profit making product for the organization.


After careful analysis and going through the development considerations, the project was very challenging. We had to develop custom tools and technologies to support many of the features.


We developed the product with the capabilities and a strong back-end admin section. The end product is hosted on the cloud and a seamless integration could be easily done with any website.

Some of the major activities done to provide the required solution included –


The product is now the core business area for the client. The client business has improved a lot and among the fastest growing tech companies in the entire Europe.