Childcare Service Group Case Study

The organization run the program to provide nutrition meals to all age groups. The organization has different centers for infants, children's and adults.


This is a non-government organization which has multiple centers across the globe.

In 1901, at the turn of the century, child care was formally organized by compassionate and civic-minded people concerned about the appalling conditions in which many poor children were living. Client wanted to development an online system where they could monitor the functioning of the various centers across the North America.
Netision studied these requirements and formulated a complete roadmap detailing out the development considerations and methodology for building the solution. The solution was successfully deployed to the high performance computing platform.


Need was for automation software which could help the management to monitor, enrolment of members, record the children information, manage meal and menus, reimbursement generation, employees time distributions, center performance, record meal attendance and enroll dashboards. There are 3 groups involved – the parents, Admins and Centers, their need to be a way to support all these groups.


We developed a web portal for the Child Care Services’ which allows to track enrollment, attendance, meals, generate reports, and provides additional features that allows to efficiently manage food program. We digitally store enrollment packets and reports, track meals and attendance, and reimbursement. The beneficiary could digitally sign the enrollment forms. The software has interface for the parents, admin and the center. Some of the major activities done to provide the required solution included –


The product is now running successful at all the centers of the organization. The organization is now looking to market the product for greater market share.