Field Data Collection Case Study

The client is a pure-play Mid-Continent oil and natural gas producer with two complementary areas of operation-resource drilling and development, and carbon dioxide (CO2) enhanced oil recovery (EOR).


With revenues more than $300 million and founded about 30 years ago, the organization is a privately held entity. With more than 480 employees and more than 1 billion barrels of potential reserves, the company is embarking on an exciting new chapter as it accelerates the Mid-Continent program.

The company wanted to develop a Field data collection software which their agents could use to collect the data from the various wells.

Netision studied these requirements and formulated a complete roadmap detailing out the development considerations and methodology for building the custom software. The solution was successfully deployed to high performance servers. The company is able to make business decisions based on the reports generated by the field data collection software.


The agents travel to far flung areas where there is no internet network available. We need to develop a software which the agents could use offline and then sync it.


We developed the product with two major parts- Smart data entry (SDE) which is a form generator and Field data collection (FDC) which will be an App which would be installed on the hand held devices. The end product is hosted on the high performance server and a seamless integration is done with the App.

Some of the major activities done to provide the required solution included –


The product has improved the efficiency of the business. Now, the top management could focus on the key business areas and the product helped data collection and User interface forms generation process to an auto pilot mode.